Expert Solutions for a Furnace Blowing Cold Air

Heating installation in Justin, TX, keeps homeowners warm inside their houses and protects them from harsh weather conditions throughout the winter months. When your heating furnace starts blowing cold air in such a circumstance, it becomes uncomfortable. It necessitates heating repair.

Expert solutions for furnace
These are the expert solutions that you can use when your furnace is blowing cold air:

  1. The furnace needs time to warm up
    Electric coils are designed to heat up quickly. When the furnace blower kicks on, it will force unheated air out of the ductwork before the warm air reaches the grates. Wait for some time to check whether the air is warming up or not. If it still does not warm up, you should look into other probable problems.

  2. Faulty thermostat
    Despite the furnace being in good working order, the thermostat might be faulty. A malfunctioning thermostat will cause the fan to spin without activating the coils, making it impossible for the unit to produce heat. Replace the thermostat or consult with a professional first.

  3. Dirty filter or coils
    Filthy filters obstruct airflow, not letting warm air escape. If the heating coils become dirty, the furnace will lose heat efficiency. You will need to inspect the furnace filter to determine if there is a problem with it. If you have not changed the filter in a while and it is unclean, replace it.

  4. Broken heat sensor
    The electric furnace has a heat sensor to verify that it is producing heat. If the thermostat reaches the set temperature, it means that the furnace produced enough hot air to trigger the sensor to turn off the blower fan.
    If this sensor fails, however, the blower will not be alerted that heat is no longer necessary. The furnace will continue to run but will not produce hot air and will instead blast chilly air. Examine the temperature setting on the thermostat as well as the temperature inside the house. Both values are displayed on digital thermostats. Hire an HVAC expert to inspect and fix the sensor.

  5. Coils are not energized, but the contactor is
    The contactor is a strong relay that switches on the furnace’s heating components. It is possible that the contacts get pitted and no longer make contact, causing the issue. To reset the connections, just turn the furnace on and off.

  6. Burnt coils
    Electric resistance heating coils are incorporated with electric furnaces. However, after the coil is detached, the blower in the furnace may continue to run, creating chilly air. To fix the problem, you must change the coil. If your electric furnace is aging, you should change all of the coils since the other coils will eventually wear out.

  7. Leaky ducts
    When the blower is on, but there is little air coming out of the grates, some broken or leaky ductwork is a key cause of the electric furnace’s inefficiency. You can either tape the ducts using tape or call the HVAC specialist for heating maintenance.

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