Not Sure Why Your Air Conditioner is Leaking? Find Your Answers Here!

Our air conditioners work hard to cool our homes and rooms. With passing time, they can face minor or major issues in their systems. Some common problems air conditioners face are inefficient cooling, noises, foul odor, and water leakage. Here, we shall discuss why your air conditioner has been leaking water for the past few days.
Most air conditioning problems require you to call air conditioning repair in Justin, TX. But if you take some measures regularly, you can avoid a heavy bill from your HVAC company.

  1. Water leakage
    You may notice a few water droplets dripping from your air conditioner while it is working. You should not neglect this problem for a long time. If you continue ignoring this issue, your air conditioner can break down at the worst. Here are five reasons why your air conditioner is leaking and what you can do to solve it:

  2. Clogged drain line
    The drain line is responsible for carrying the water from the overflow pan to the outside of your home. The drain line may clog due to mold or fungal growth, and the water in the overflow plan starts dripping. Pour dilute bleach in the drain line once a month to avoid this problem. If there is already a clog, suck it out using a vacuum.

  3. Cracked/damaged overflow pan
    The drain overflow pan stores the water in it. If there are any cracks or holes in the overflow pan, the water stored in it will leak on the floor. You can use temporary methods to seal the cracks and holes, but it is best to call for AC repair in Justin, TX, to change the pan.

  4. Dirty air filters
    Air filters are responsible for catching microbes, dirt, and dust in the indoor air. With time, they get dirty. There is an indirect connection between dirty air filters and water leakage.
    When the filters remain dirty for a long time, airflow gets restricted. It cools the air around the evaporator coils, and the coils freeze up. This ice so formed starts melting in some time and the water droplets leak on the floor.
    Ensure that you clean or replace your filters once a fortnight as per your air conditioner’s requirements. Some air conditioners need new filters once the old ones get dirty, so you need to buy the suitable filters for your system.

  5. Wrong installation
    The installer should properly level the air conditioner. If not, you may face water leakage problems outside your home. You can adjust the concrete pad to manage your air conditioner. If you have a window air conditioner, ensure that its front is slightly upwards to drain the water from the backside. If you do not want to take the risk, call for air conditioning repair in Justin, TX, to do it for you.

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