The Most Common Winter Heating Issues And How To Address Them

1. The Heating System Isn’t Functioning

It’s nerve-wracking when furnaces don’t kick on right away when the thermostat is set to “heat.” When confronted with this typical furnace issue, homeowners may worry that they malfunctioned. However, this widespread issue does not always imply that your furnace or heat pump is broken.

Minor difficulties might sometimes prevent your machine from turning on like the heating system isn’t getting any electricity. Electricity is required to activate the ignition and control the motor in heating equipment, including gas furnaces.

Your furnace will not operate without electricity to your heating system. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a tripped breaker or the air handler, furnace, or heat pump’s outside power switch.

2. The Furnace Will Not Light

When you turn on your furnace, it should start working as soon as the thermostat temperature is achieved. The burners fire up, and the heating process begins once the thermostat sends the signal to the ignition system. On the other hand, your house will not get the heat required if the ignition system fails.

Ignitors may get damaged over time due to wear and strain. When ignitors get damaged, they may stop working, and the furnace will not turn on. It is not a DIY task to test and replace an ignitor; it should be left to a professional. HVAC workers from heating maintenance in Justin use a multimeter to check ignitors for electrical conductivity and replace any that aren’t working.

Check whether the igniter fitted matches the recommended one for the system if you recently changed it. If it doesn’t, or if the information isn’t readily available, have an HVAC specialist examine the component.

3. Vents With Little Or No Airflow

Airflow difficulties might be to blame if your system isn’t providing enough heat to the rooms throughout your house. Here are a few reasons why airflow is obstructed.

Vent registers are closed. Some vent covers contain movable louvres that enable homeowners to open or shut vents, making managing airflow into a space more straightforward. Unfortunately, certain louvres are simple to close, and they may be wholly or partly completed accidentally.

There are leaks in the ducting. Duct leaks account for 20% to 30% of wasted warm and cooled air in the typical house. When air leaves your home, it goes into places where it won’t be utilized, such as the interior of your walls, the attic, or the crawlspace.

One must use aluminium foil tape to seal any apparent leaks in ducts. If the issue continues, get a professional from our heating repair in Justin to find and fix leaks in your ductwork. Just call Condor Mechanical Services LLC. at (817) 901-5273.