Proper and precise heat pump sizing is not simple and requires adequate knowledge about the unit and HVAC and the right tools to answer questions like “how big of a heat pump do I require” or “what size heat pump do I purchase for my house”. Let’s take a look at some practical tips and suggestions from professionals. It takes a competent and certified heat pump installer with proper design calculation software to size a heat pump. Most inefficient heat pumps choices directly result from a poor understanding or a lack of adequate design software.

  1. What sizes do heat pumps come in?
    Heat pump size doesn’t imply its length and height (though there are alternatives in that department) but rather its heating or cooling output, which is given in kW, for instance, 3.5kW. Heat pumps can vary from as low as 1.2kW to 10kW and more. The cooler the environment you live in, the more heating capacity or higher kW you’ll need.

  2. What if the heat pump is oversized or undersized?
    Because of the air-to-air heat transfer that a heat pump can provide, it often happens, particularly in central and northern regions of North America, that a heat pump is sized to majorly provide the heat needed by a residence. This is because the heating load is more substantial than the cooling load. Therefore, the heat pump will be too large for cooling, resulting in lower performance and a lack of dehumidification during the scorching summers. In humid weather conditions, short-cycling occurs if the unit is not sized appropriately, leading to poor humidity control and comfort. Due to its frequent halts and outsets, the unit can be exposed to frequent failures and have a shorter lifespan. This happens when the unit is oversized, which is very prevalent because the sales agents or contractors try to avoid additional hassles once they’ve sold the product and gotten it installed.

  3. What type of system do you require for your house?
    Hills, floor consoles, ceiling cassettes, ducted– all of these have several characteristics and advantages and disadvantages depending on the area you are trying to heat or cool. Our residential consultant can comprehensively explain each option assisting you to decide what is the right choice for your residence..

  4. What capacity do you need?
    This is a calculation which can be done by our consultant at your residence. He will consider various factors like insulation, window size and orientation, room orientation, and others and will advise you on the exact size you require; this is a very crucial part of the procedure. You must not buy a heat pump that is too small or too large in capacity. Both of them can cause trouble down the line.

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