What Size Heat Pump Do I Need (Heat Pump Size Calculator)

It’s essential to pick an efficient heat pump and utilize it correctly to get the most out of it. It necessitates selecting the appropriate heat pump for the space to be heated. It may cost you extra if it’s too tiny since it has to work harder to deliver adequate heat. If it’s overly large, it’ll waste a lot of heat.

There are Many Sizes of Heat Pumps

Heat pump size refers to the heating (or cooling) output, measured in kilowatts (kW), e.g., 3.5kW. Heat pumps may be as little as 1.2 kW and as large as 10 kW. The more heating capacity or kW you require, the colder your climate is. But that’s just one factor to consider when selecting the appropriate heat pump size; there are plenty more.

What Elements Must Be Taken Into Account?

Here are some considerations to ponder when selecting the correct size heat pump:

  • Is it mainly used to heat or cool?
  • How is the weather in your area? (For example, it usually snows at least once a year, or it is hot and humid, etc.)
  • What are the typical high and low temperatures for the season?
  • Is your house ancient and inefficiently insulated, brand new, adequately insulated, airtight, or somewhere in the middle?
  • Do you wish to heat a single room, a few rooms, or an ample open space?
  • What are the dimensions of the spaces you wish to heat?
  • What’s the ceiling height?
  • Are your windows single or double glazed?
  • How many members does your family have in total?
  • Is there much direct sunlight in the space you wish to heat?
  • Is there any solar gain on your property?

Taking Measurements

As you can see from above, determining the precise needs for a heat pump is a complex undertaking that requires the consideration of several elements.

It’s usually better to see a heating professional from our heating installation in Justin, but if you’re looking for a ballpark estimate to assist you in choosing a suitable heat pump, try this simple calculation from consumer.org.nz.

  • In cubic meters, calculate the volume of the room.
  • That’s 44 watts multiplied.
  • For big window spaces, add 10%, and for incomplete or no insulation, add another 10% to 20%.
  • Multiply this value by 1.5 for the living room, 1.2 for the bedroom, and 0.8 for the rest of the house.

4m × 5m x 2.4m high + 10% for lack of insulation = 53 cubic meters of area in a lightly insulated lounge (rounded up). Since it’s a lounge, multiply by 44 watts for a total of 2332 watts, then by 1.5 for 3498 watts. It will be necessary to use a 3.5kW heat pump.

Other Suggestions for Maximizing Your Heat Pump’s Performance

  • The higher the number of stars on the Energy Rating Label, the more energy-efficient the product.
  • Please inquire with the provider about the product’s ability to withstand cold temperatures (some heat pumps struggle when it dips to almost zero or below outside).
  • Ensure it’s at the proper spot in the room before using it.
  • It is recommended to clean the filters regularly or professionally serviced once a year.

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